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The mission of the Barn Quilts of Guthrie County is to promote tourism in our rural areas and celebrate the unique agricultural experience of Guthrie County.  The barn quilt project allows us to showcase the natural, agricultural, and architectural beauty of our diverse county.  At the same time, it allows us to highlight the beautiful quilt patterns as unique art and the historically-significant aspects of each building.


The Guthrie County Barn Quilt Project was started in 2007 by several volunteers. Although the group is no longer together, their hard work and artistic vision left our county covered with over 30 beautiful barn quilts for both residents and visitors to enjoy. 

Printable Map


PRINT our small map and plan your tour. Whether you stick to the Western Skies Scenic Byway or head off the beaten path, you're certain to find some beautiful barn quilts and historical barns along the way.  


Would you like a full-size map?  Send us your name and mailing address and we'll mail you a free map of Guthrie County, which includes Barn Quilt locations and many other areas in our county.  



Barn Quilts of Guthrie County
--Encouraging restoration and preservation of our agricultural heritage.
Edited Image
Compass Rose, Wood Brothers, 1740 Utopia - Panora

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