Population: 750 (2019)

Elevation: 1,460′

Zip Code: 50002

Area Code: 641


Population: 291 (2019)

Elevation: 1,109′

Zip Code: 50026

Area Code: 641


Adair is located next to I-80 and along the historic White Pole Road Scenic Byway.  Adair also sits on top of the M & M Divide, at roughly 1,460 feet above sea level.  When approaching Adair, visitors will be impressed with the numerous giant wind turbines that line both sides of I-80.  Iowa is one of the top states currently converting wind power into energy.  Adair visitors are welcomed to the town with a large smiley face painted on the town's water tower.


Bagley is a tiny little town along Highway 141, which makes easy access for visitors to many of the recreational areas located in Guthrie County.  Bagley’s roadside park offers a nice stop for travelers and is a hot spot during the annual Highway 141 Garage Sales.  On the west side of town, travelers will notice the “high water mark” sign noting the height of the flood water in 1986.


Population: 399 (2019)

Elevation: 1,135′

Zip Code: 50029

Area Code: 712


Population: 385 (2019)

Elevation: 1,237′

Zip Code: 50048

Area Code: 641


Bayard is located along Hwy 141 and visitors are invited to the business district with a charming vintage sign.  Bayard is also a stop along the Highway 141 Garage Sales.  In the downtown area, you will find the newly-completed Hall of Pride museum and park honoring the Bayard High School.  Bayard also offers visitors two other city parks with tennis courts, playground equipment, and picnicking areas surrounded by beautiful trees.

Casey sits along I-80 and the historic White Pole Road Scenic Byway.  Casey’s downtown area, with its original brick street, is home to a new library, Veterans’ Memorial Park, and the Cultural Center, located in the old church, with its recently restored stain-glass windows.  Just a few miles southwest of town, you’ll want to be sure to check out Slayton’s Rock—one of Iowa’s largest fully-exposed glacial deposits weighing over 500,000 pounds!


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Coon Rapids

Population: 1,263 (2019)

Elevation: 1,175′

Zip Code: 50058

Area Code: 712

Guthrie Center

Population: 1,678 (2019)

Elevation: 1,109′

Zip Code: 50115

Area Code: 641


Although the majority of Coon Rapids is located in Carroll County, a significant and historically important part is in fact located in Guthrie County. In October of 2006, Coon Rapids—Whiterock was selected as one of three “Great Places,” in a program created by the State of Iowa.  Whiterock Conservancy, formerly Garst Farms Resort, is 4,300 acres of beautiful land located along the Middle Raccoon River. Coon Rapids, home to the Carroll County Fair, also offers a beautiful golf course, an aquatic center, and a delightful downtown district where visitors can still park right in the middle of the road!


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Guthrie Center, the county seat, is located in the central-rolling hills of Guthrie County and along the Western Skies Scenic Byway.  The Guthrie County Courthouse and the Guthrie County Fairgrounds are both located here.  Guthrie Center boasts a wonderful park, Mitchell Park, that sits right next to the fairgrounds.  Located in the park, visitors will find the newly constructed Aquatic Center that offers fun for all.  Every summer, the fairgrounds and the town are flooded with thousands of people who come from all over the country to experience “River Ruckus,” an annual, 2-day outdoor country music event.


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Population: 282 (2019)

Elevation: 1,033′

Zip Code: 50128

Area Code: 641


Population: 365 (2019)

Elevation: 1,260′

Zip Code: 50164

Area Code: 641


Jamaica is located along Hwy 141 and the the northern Raccoon River Valley Trail "loop" that allows bikers to travel on to Dallas County or continue into Guthrie County.  Jamaica is also a stop along the Highway 141 Garage Sales.  It’s interesting to note that the city is home to a music recording studio, one of the largest in the Midwest and where Slipknot recorded their Billboard #1 album in 2009!  

Located along the White Pole Road Scenic Byway, Menlo is a quiet town with a relaxed setting and is a stop along the WPR Marathon Sales.  The town boasts several historical landmarks, including the Sacony Mobile Gasoline Station and the Methodist Episcopal Church, which resembles a beautiful white castle.  The city park allows for camping and picnicking. 


Population: 1,228 (2019)

Elevation: 1,033′

Zip Code: 50126

Area Code: 641


Population: 1,573 (2019)

Elevation: 1,207′

Zip Code: 50250

Area Code: 641


Panora, the oldest community in Guthrie County, is located along the old Panora Speedway (now Highway 44 and part of the Western Skies Scenic Byway) and the old Milwaukee Railway, which is now the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Raccoon River Valley, rolling hills, woodland areas, and Lake Panorama, Panora also has the Guthrie County Historical Village, Square Fridays Farmers’ Market, and Lake Panorama National Golf Course


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Stuart, due to its ideal location just north of I-80, is a thriving community located in both Adair and Guthrie Counties.  Situated along the historic White Pole Road Scenic Byway and the Western Skies Scenic Byway, the town has also been known for its many architectural treasures, such as the Masonic Temple and the Saints Center, and many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Stuart also has a lot of entertainment for visitors with its wonderful city park, a farmers’ market every summer, its Good Egg Days celebration, the Stuart Speedway, a new aquatic center, the Stuart Fremont Movie Theatre, and new library.


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Population: 265 (2019)

Elevation: 1,122′

Zip Code: 50277

Area Code: 641

Yale doesn’t have the railroad traffic of yesterday but it does have the traffic of thousands of bikers annually who enjoy the Raccoon River Valley Trail. Yale’s park, located where the railroad once sat, is now the location for a nice rest-stop, including restroom accommodations. Yale is the place to be on the 4th of July with an all-day celebration. Yale also has several historical buildings, including the unique and extremely-rare round gymnasium.