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1853 Newton Stagecoach Route

In 1853, Eder B. Newton was employed to lay out a stage road across Guthrie County.  The route was very similar to the trail used by previous westward travelers, like the forty-niners.  In 1868, the railroad was built and that was the end of the stage coach. 


In 1951, a small Guthrie County Tourism group placed homemade signs along the old stage route for the county’s centennial, but by 2005 most of the signs were missing or illegible. 


In 2008, William Frels, a member of Boy Scout Troop 127, researched the route, had new signs created with funding from local businesses, and installed the 19 signs along the 29.4-mile route for his Eagle Scout Project.  The Guthrie County Historical Village now maintains the signs and occasionally hosts a guided tour.  If you are looking for an adventure, follow the stagecoach signs and enjoy your trip off the beaten path!





29.4 miles


Ghost Towns


Dale City (Dale)




Bear Grove

North Branch


Points of Interest

Site of Kunkle Cabin, 1848

Site of Harbor Stage Station

Restored Glendon Church, 1890s

Monteith Cemetery

Site of Gopher Station, 1894

Site of Dalmanutha PO, 1863


Printable Map


PRINT our guide, which includes the route, historical points of interested, and a small map, and plan your gravel road tour. You're certain to find some historical barns and buildings, rolling hills, timber and fields, and probably a deer or two along the way.  


Would you like a full-size map?  Send us your name and mailing address and we'll mail you a free map of Guthrie County, which includes locations for the 19 signs and many other areas in our county.  


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